Children’s History Society Workshop Day

University of Greenwich, 9 September 2019

The Children’s History Society and the Economic History Society invite you to a one-day interdisciplinary workshop at the University of Greenwich to explore the practical challenges of researching childhood and youth in the past, and the ways in which early career historians of childhood can engage in impact and public engagement.

EventBrite page:

Panels inlude:

– Teaching the history of childhood and youth to undergraduates

– Publishing on the history of childhood and youth

– Working with children as research participants

– Engaging with museums

– Imapact and public engagement in schools

The event aims to bring together PhD and ECR researchers from different institutes and disciplines all engaged in research in the subfield of the history of childhood and youth. It will allow attendees to explore practical questions about working professionally as an historian of childhood and youth. How do you pitch an article focused on childhood and/or adolescence to a mainstream journal? Methodologically, how can you conduct oral histories with young people? How can we engage undergraduate students with, and design modules centred on, the history of this subfield?

Attendees will be required to join the CHS. Costs to join are as follows:

£10 students (postgraduate or undergraduate)
£15 early career academics or partly waged
£25 full time academic staff (or full time staff in other occupations)
£40 full professors

Attendance at the workshop itself is free. We will be able to provide some bursaries for those travelling from outside London – for more information about these, please email ECR Rep and event co-organiser Maria Cannon

To sign up for a ticket to the event, please email to request a password. You will receive a message with the password to sign up for the event and instructions about joining the CHS.

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